About Us

BMRA Serving its members since 1962


The Objects of the Association shall be to further the amenities and to protect the common interests of those residing in the Boston Manor area.  

The Association is non-party and non-sectarian.

The qualifications for membership of the Association shall be by residence within the recognised area known as Boston Manor and by payment of an annual subscription, the amount of which shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting and which are due on 1st May.

The aim is to have each street represented by a designated person to whom subscriptions can be paid (currently £3 per annum) and who will either attend the committee meetings on members behalf or ensure that any concerns or suggestions are passed to the executive committee.

BMRA represents the following streets


Balmoral Gardens . Banbury Court . Boston Gardens, Brentford . Boston Gardens W7 . Boston Manor Road . Boston Parade

Boston Road (part only) . Boston Vale . Burnham Way . Bridge House . Cantley Road . Cardiff Road . Cawdor Crescent . Chalfont Way . 

Chepstow Road . Clitherow Avenue . Clitherow Road . Christopher Avenue . Erlesmere Gardens . Fulmer Way . Haslemere Avenue

Manor Vale . Midhurst Road . Mervyn Road . Newland Gardens . Raymond Avenue . The Ride . Swyncombe Avenue .  Southdown Avenue . Walmer Gardens . 

Wildberry Close . Wellmeadow Road . Westlea Road . Woodstock Avenue . Wyndham Court

Meeting Dates 2019


  Members Welcome

Upstairs at the Harvester  20.00 hrs

13th November


Councillors representing the BMRA area


  David Millican, Paul Driscoll, Fay Block


Theresa Byrne, Joanne Camadoo, Yoel Gordon


 Guy Lambert, Melville Collins, Corinna Smart